Eidolon (2015)
Amixture of experimental images exploring the normal and the abnormal. Building to a decisive finale through rhythm and juxtaposition, Eidolon seeks to expose our relationship to the natural world.

Filmmakers: Louise Bindon, Miele McGowan, Hannah Duggan, Shamali Bhalerao 

* WINNER, Best Camera and/or Lighting, 2016 Reel 2 Real Film Festival

Drip (2015)
On a sunny afternoon, a man does battle… with his faucet. Driven to the edge of insanity, he resorts to extreme methods of preventing the consistent and infuriating droplets of water from destroying his mind.

Filmmakers: than Eigenfeldt, Bo Smith, Sasha Argirov, Cole Peterson, Ben Cockell 

Seen (2015)
Past and present styles of filmmaking collide in this abstract experimental film. Connnections among abstract ideas are expressed through the perspective of a filmmaker exploring original ways of creating video.

Filmmakers: Zina Hossein, Poor Sean Sherst, Leo Pelissier, Ciaran Davis-McGregor, Sam Purac 

Irrevocable (2015)
On a routine construction job, Hugo and his worker Tyler, a young man with money problems, find a box buried on the side of a road. As the men decide its fate, Tyler’s greed spirals out of control, to a tragic end.

Filmmakers: Martin Chan, Aidan Hull, Shakeel Patel, Jack Morin

Unstable (2015)
An experimental short film that attempts to evoke the anxieties, stresses, and emotional experiences that those with mental illnesses such as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder feel every day.

Filmmakers: Makayla King, Jennifer DiVito, Jonathan Boldt, Mallory Woods, Elijah Wood Snakeskin 

Beneath the Surface (2015) 
Three friends spend all their time together, but keep their feelings to themselves. This unwillingness to open up to one another isolates them, until one of them finally decides to be honest with her friends.

Filmmakers: Taly Baybik, Denis Deng, Elliot Hedley 

Vlad the Unemployed (2015)
After a vampire loses his fortune and is forced to move into a small apartment, he decides it’s time to find a job. After failing at being a model, a pizza cook and a security guard, he takes one final interview.

Filmmakers: Ashley Kobayashi, Christopher Deitrich, Brian Darnell, Sean Kim, Andreas Nikolaou 

*Official Selection: Reel Youth Film Festival 2016

* Honorable Mention:  Fresh Film Northwest 2016

The Time We Broke Up (2015)
After stumbling upon a watch with time-travelling powers, a heartbroken teen attempts to stop his recent breakup from ever happening. 

Filmmakers: Maria Barr, Maya Huber, Kenza Zobaidi, Sophie Mitchell, Terran Camaclang 

An Unremarkable Occurrence (2015)
Tim spends his days feeling timid about everything around him, insecure about himself and living afraid every moment of his life. But through the everyday, he just might find the meaning of compassion and kindness.

Filmmakers: Emily Larman, Dani Roth, James Vancuren, Jack Sellwood

Mural (2015)
A young artist thinks back to the murder of her family, painting a mural exploring disturbing memories of her breakdown and her gruesome role in the event.

Filmmakers: Ty Dixon-Traer, Katarina Krajik-Zuricic, Kai Antle, Jacob Smith