Safe And Sound (2016)

A man who finds that he is able to capture sounds for himself begins a collection and develops an infatuation with his harmonious assortment.

A Film By Kenza Zobaidi, Garnet Tyler, Vince Salvaloza, and Tina Nowarre.

* WINNER,  Music and/or Sound Award, Reel 2 Real Film Festival 2017

Deadbeat (2016)

Victor, a young boy becomes extremely lonely after his brother leaves him at home for a road trip. After Victor watches Frankenstein on TV he gets the idea to build a brother to keep him company.

A Film By: Jay Ruckzia, Zed Morrison, Jeremi Rossignol, Roman Mann Hunter Dillon, and Lorence Xu.

Alternate (2016)

A game of chess - layered with themes of struggle, decision, and consequence - is gradually enveloped in darkness.

A Film By James Qiu, Greer Ross-McLennan, Sean Sherst, and Eddy Yang.

* WINNER,  Visual FX Award, Reel 2 Real Film Festival 2017

Hero (2016)

Two teenage friends talk about their favourite superheroes.

A Film By Emi Lavoie and Alexis Ortiz. 

* WINNER,  Best Picture Award, Reel 2 Real Film Festival 2017

Please Leave a Message (2016)

Only through getting totally lost can Kevin find reality.

A Film By Chris Dietrich, Ashley Kobayashi, Romilly Goggs, and Piero Ferrando.

Scales of Fate (2016)

Nikki (Played by Jessie Crabbe) finds something that will flip her reality upside down, as Daryl (Played by Jake Jones) is in an anger fuelled rage.

A Film By Audrey Kerridge, Ben Cockell, Caroline Bridgman, Ryan Greenlees, and Zuleyma Prado.

Toccata (2016)

Piano student Chloe is faced with a difficult piece that she cannot perfect. She spends her time incessantly practicing day and night.

A Film By: Claire Mackie, Daniel Ortiz, James Vancuren, and Mutte Chen.

* WINNER,  Fresh Film Northwest 2016

The Girl He Wants (2016)

Smash the patriarchy. The love story you never asked to be a part of.

A Film By Maya Rodrigo-Abdi and Shianne St. Goddard.

* HONORABLE MENTION,  Fresh Film Northwest 2016

* WINNER,  Screenwriting Award, Reel 2 Real Film Festival 2017

Chimera (2016)

Chimera uses multiple mediums to explore the growth of a young girl and her imagination in the midst of a forest.

A Film By Maria Barr, Miele McGowan, Rory Jerome-Cran, and Sofia Nicolls.

Labours of Love (2016)

True friends have each other’s backs… and babies

A Film By Hannah Duggan, Kirby Jennie Divito, and Louise Bindon.