Prelude (2017)

One man wanders aimlessly through his dark past.

A Film By A Film By: Jeremi Rossignol, Eli Pallot, Maggie Lee, Liam Aavisto, Paras Jagga, and Matthew Boulter

What Happens Next is Out of This World (2017)

Oliver Abott spends his days writing tabloid articles, but dreams of becoming a published sci-fi novelist. One day his dream comes true, but not in a way he ever imagined.

A Film By: Shireen Dalbey, Tina Nowarre, Audrey Kerridge, Kenza Zobaidi, and Vince Salvaloza

What Killed The Fish (2017)

After depression affects a man’s relationship with his family he has to cope with their absence.

A Film By: Abroop Dhami, Anna Su, Beth Cooper, and Leah Liu

You and Me at the Edge of Space (2017)

Stranded in a defective spaceship, a young astronaut is forced to cope with loneliness and survive without technology.

A Film By: Lily Arndt, Hunter Dillon, Amelie Fether, Audrey Tan, and James Vancuren

Bound By Blood (2017)

A portrayal of an ambiguous relationship between two people exploring their connection.

A Film By: Ro Cran, Sadie Edney, and Ellie McJunkin

Gary, Mary, Barry & Craig (2017)

A filmmaker with a passion for the paranormal gives ‘haunted house’ a new meaning by tracking down a vampire-human couple who live with a ghost.

A Film By: Ben Cockell, Sylvie Hopkins, Rani Li, Owen Liu, and Carissa Clarkson

Reverberation (2017)

Rowan struggles with the consequences of her Mom’s horrific date.

A Film Created By: Xaria Russell, Katarina Krajic-Zoricic, Tom Phae, Emeial Onodi, and Noah Sullivan

Sacrifice (2017)

Lucy, a seemingly innocent girl finds herself caught in the middle of a cult in crisis whose leader is thirsty for blood.

A Film By: Kyla Bastien, Xiaohan Zhang, Andrea Quan, Antonio McLauchlan, Regan Malcolm, and Kaitlin Green

We're Still Friends (2017)

A group of friends must overcome obstacles in a game of fantasy and adventure where they’re tasked with delivering a magic flower to the king.

A Film Created By:
Caroline Bridgman and Aidan Cove