A Nightmare on Waterton Drive (2018)

A mixture of horror movies, pizza delivery and a killer on the run makes for a sleepover three teens will never forget.

A Film By: Alonso Recavarren, Fraser Hannay, Amelia Rudelsheim, Noah Jeremie Ashanti-Dubois-Dasse, and Sebastian Johnston

Blue (2018)

A Trans Youth would like to start Hormone Therapy, but his mother may have reservations.

A Film By: Ezra Avdeyev, Kevin Yang, Taj Meara Pacio, Dag Davidge, and Emily Mittertreiner

It All Comes Back (2018)

A young counselor Samantha suffered from parental abuse when she was little. The memory comes back as her patient reminds her of her younger self.

A Film By: Cate MacPherson, Caroline Bridgman, Dana Diab, and Martin Nguyen

Trike Day (2018)

A Film Crew follows Trike Racer Colin Croft as he competes with his best friend Greg in a tricycle race.

A Film By: Noah Roselini, Jackson Larbi, Finley MacAlpine, Jovan Ho, and Liam Aavisto

The Big Picture (2018)

A young alcoholic receives a box from her close friend, revealing all the shattered memories.

A Film By: Caisa Quinn, Jonathan Tse, West Guralnick, and Maren Brophy

The Deputy Case (2018)

A detective comes home to find his old partner. What begins as a casual encounter with an old friend slowly unfolds in to a tense confrontation over who is really responsible for the deputy's murder.

A Film By: Lauren Yim, Ivon Wolf, Jackson Larbi, and Joaquin Figueroa

Two Birds (2018)

A Single mother turns to a life of crime in order to pay her son's hospital bills.

A Film By: Finley Mac Alpine, Logan Mildiner, Chlose Mcintosh Murray, Dizie Worland, and Matthew Boulter