The Indie Filmmakers Lab is presented by
The Cinematheque 
in partnership with
SFU School for the Contemporary Arts

Established in 1972, The Cinematheque is a non-profit film institute and registered charity.  Through our public cinema, film library, film archives, we are dedicated to providing access to quality film exhibitions featuring the finest achievements in cinema, offering educational programs and resources that advance the appreciation and understanding of film as art and as a vital means of communication, and to fostering critical media literacy in BC and Canada. 

The Cinematheque offers film and media education programs and resources for youth, teachers and other community members. From intensive and engaging digital filmmaking programs to film literacy workshops and youth screenings at our theatre, we aim to foster an appreciation and passion for the art of film as well as an understanding of the impact of visual media in the world around us. We are especially committed to supporting a vibrant and active youth-in-film community in the Lower Mainland and throughout the province.

SFU's School for the Contemporary Arts, based in downtown Vancouver, offers an innovative interdisciplinary program within a multi-campus university. It is situated in an ultramodern facility and specializes in providing a dynamic learning environment. The studio classes in dance, film, music, theatre and visual art are taught by practising artists. Critical courses in art, performance and cinema are taught by scholars who engage students with the historical, philosophical and political contexts of the arts.